What to wear Paintballing?

What to wear Paintballing

What to wear while paintballing? it’s the question every paintball lover have, Paintball is a game that has gained considerable popularity over the past few years. It has been played as a game for leisure and also as competitively as a sport. People all around the world are incredibly passionate about the sport, playing it in large groups with their friends and participating in competitions. However, paintball can turn from an exhilarating and enjoyable game to a painful experience if you’re not dressed appropriately.

Players playing at all levels must take precautionary measures while preparing for a paintball game. You must consider the best garments to wear, accessories to choose, and equipment to use to have a safe and enjoyable experience while playing paintball.

There are two fundamental reasons why significant consideration must be taken while choosing what to wear to a paintball game: comfort and safety. For a game that requires considerable movement while playing, it is essential to choose garments and gears which are comfortable and in which you can perform effectively. Wearing restrictive clothing will not only make you feel uncomfortable. Still, it won’t allow you to move around with the freedom that you need to play well. Remember that in a game like a paintball, your clothes are going to get dirty anyway, so it would be a waste of time to focus on how an outfit looks. Instead, focus on whether or not you’ll be able to play well during the game.

Safety is obviously a priority in any physical sport. Although paintball may look like fun and games, it can cause very painful injuries if protective measures are not taken. Paintball bullets are fired at very high velocities, and those fired at close range may cause damage to a person. People often get very badly bruised after paintball games. These paintball bullets can even enter a person’s eye or any other sensitive point, causing significant damage. Therefore, it is essential to wear protective gear and to ensure that as little parts of your body are left exposed as possible.

Keeping these factors in mind, you must choose what to wear to a paintball game. There are several types of garments used in paintball, including headgear, clothes, arms and knee pads, and gloves.

What clothes to wear while paintballing

The most important thing to remember while choosing what to wear to a paintball game is to make sure that there is no exposed skin. Often times, when fast paintball bullets hit the skin, they leave behind welt. Therefore, it is not advisable to wear shorts or half sleeves T-shirts. They may seem to make it easier for you to move around, and some players may even opt for shorts in hot weather, but the sting of a paintball bullet will make you reconsider this.

The paintball bullet, even when making contact with unexposed skin, can be quite painful. It can leave behind bruises and can leave you with a throbbing sensation, which may last a while. Therefore, it is advisable to wear several layers of clothing. Thicker clothing is better as it will absorb the impact of the incoming bullets. It is also more probable for the paintball bullet to bounce off of thicker clothing. Wearing several layers of clothing will reduce the impact of the paintball bullets will feel.

If you’re playing the game in very hot weather, then wear as many layers as possible and wear thicker and looser clothing. You don’t want to overheat while playing, as this would only cause discomfort. Wear clothes that can be easily removed, so if you feel like you’re heating up during the game, you can easily remove some layers during the game.

Wearing darker colours like black or dark blue or camouflage printed clothes is better. This will make you stand out less in the paintball arena and will make you less noticeable to your opponents. As paintball clothes are bound to get dirty anyway, make sure that you don’t wear new clothes for the paintball game. Wearing worn-out or old clothes to a paintball game is not preferable either as it may not absorb the impact of the paintball bullets as required.

Protection of Upper and Lower body

Some players opt out of wearing extra layers either due to hot weather or the restriction of movement that these layers cause. If a player chooses to wear fewer layers, they must take other measures to make sure that their body is protected. Paintball bullets can be quite painful, and some measures must be taken to cushion the blow.

Therefore, some players wear ghillie suits or vests to keep the upper body protected. Ghillie suits can be purchased online. Ponchos, jackets and pants of ghillie suits can also be purchased individually if the player only wants to compensate for some of the layers. In addition to the physical protection that ghillie suits provide, they also provide camouflage, which conceals the players from their opponents, making it easier for players to win.

Players can also wear vests over their shirts. These vests are often worn in games where the body needs to be protected from physical injuries. These vests are designed to be padded and lightweight. The padding protects the player by absorbing the shock of the paintball bullets. The lightweight of the vest makes movement more comfortable, which allows the players to play with ease.

Protection for the lower body

Although the upper body is more exposed and prone to be hit by paintball bullets, it is important to protect the lower body as well. When choosing what to wear while paintballing, players might make the mistake of leaving their legs unprotected or wear leggings in order to move easily. This is not a good idea. It is important to wear layers to protect the lower body.

It is preferable to wear a pair of baggy pants or sweatpants. Some players also buy cargo pants or jumpsuits, which are specifically designed for paintball games. As a lot of movement will be required while playing paintball, wearing baggy and loose clothing is a good idea. Thin and tight pants or leggings will restrict movement and will offer little to no protection from the paintball bullets.

It is also important to remember that paintball requires a lot of moving around, crawling, bending and rolling over. Paintball games held outdoors can expose you to rocks, stones, dirt, twigs, etc. As a result, thinner clothes might tear away easily. Your skin will then be exposed for the rest of the game and might be badly bruised or injured. Wearing thicker clothes that are less likely to tear is a better choice to wear while paintballing.

Extra Padding

Paintball is a physically exertive and demanding game. Players will be required to run, crawl, roll over and jump. It is highly recommended to wear thicker clothing to brace yourself from the impact of the paintball bullet as well as the physical strain of these movements. Let us tell you what to wear while paintballing to reduce the impact of the paintballs and make moving easier.

However, it is always better to take extra precautions. Arm, knee and elbow pads are an excellent investment to protect one’s self and to move around. Players will need to dive and rollover. When a player makes contact with the ground, these pads will protect the player from the impact. Extra padding cushions the blow of the paintball pellets and collision with the ground and prevents abrasions and scrapes from happening.

Head Gear

The head and neck region are perhaps the most sensitive area of the body. Ensuring that a player’s body is protected during the game is important. Still, a blow to the head could cause brain injury. A paintball bullet that strikes the eye could cause permanent vision impairment. A player needs to make sure that their head, neck, eyes and mouth are protected. It is also important that this protection doesn’t hinder their progress in the game. The player should be able to see clearly, have good peripheral vision and be able to rotate their head easily while wearing headgear.

Due to the high intensity of the paintball bullet, simply wearing a paintball mask or paintball helmet will not be enough. To ensure your own safety and protection, you must get a proper paintball mask that is designed to withstand such forceful impacts.

There are several very high-quality paintball masks with goggles that protect the head, neck, mouth and eyes completely. Several of these come equipped with very excellent features.

These paintball masks can withstand very high-velocity paintball bullets and protect the head. At the same time, they allow the player to move their head around easily and be able to adjust the mask easily while playing. Paintball masks are required to provide both protection and comfort.

Paintball goggles are becoming more and more market competitive. You can choose paintball goggles based on the environment you’re playing in. You should take care that the paintball goggles give you maximum vision, and your peripheral vision is not affected. It is also beneficial if the paintball goggles can be easily removed from the mask so that they can be replaced or cleaned easily if they get dirty.

Thermal lenses have gained popularity as they prevent the lens from fogging up. The lenses are perfect for humid conditions. In case the weather is extremely hot, or the player is sweating, which may cause discomfort, a goggle fan can also be added.

There are a wide variety of paintball goggles in the market with thermal lenses, anti-fogging features, peripheral vision, etc.

Do not wear regular goggles or glasses to a paintball game as these paintball bullets are very high-velocity bullets and can damage or break regular goggles. This might damage a player’s eye. Therefore, it is wise to wear a good pair of paintball goggles while paintballing.

Protection of the Hands

Most paintball players often make the mistake of leaving their hands exposed. However, if the hands are left exposed, they can be hurt very badly during the game. This is something that you do not want to happen, especially as you will be firing paintball bullets at your opponents with your hands. If your hands are injured, you may not be able to hold your paintball gun or fire bullets accurately. This is a sure-shot way to lose the game. You must think of what to wear while paintballing to protect your hands.

As the hands are extremely sensitive, a paintball fired at the hand will likely sting very harshly. A finger may be bruised or, worse, even broken. If this happens, the player will be incapable of playing the game. Therefore, it is essential to wear a good pair of gloves to protect their hands.

The gloves must have extra padding to protect the hands from the paintball bullet. The gloves should also have a covering with good friction so that the paintball gun doesn’t slip from the player’s hand. If you fall over or have to crawl, the gloves should be padded enough to prevent abrasions from happening. You should be able to crawl easily with these gloves.
If you’re planning on using football gloves, boxing gloves or any other leather gloves you have, make sure that they aren’t fingerless. A sharp hit to the fingers by a fast paintball bullet can fracture or break your fingers.

It is not a good idea to wear winter, welding or latex gloves. These gloves are extra thick and smooth, which means that you won’t be able to comfortably move the trigger when you need to. A delayed shot could mean a lost game for you.

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Since paintball requires a lot of movement, you will need an excellent pair of shoes to make movement more natural and better. As the ground might be covered with dirt, mud, stone or twigs, you mist wear shoes that will not slip or tear easily. There are certain things that you must consider what to wear while paintballing on your feet.

The running, diving, jumping and pivoting, and other sharp movements also mean that players might experience ankle injuries. Wearing football shoes with a good grip might be a good idea. Or you might want to opt for a pair of military boots that are suitable for hiking as they can work on several different types of terrain.

Wearing open shoes or bare-toes sandals is extremely prohibited, as this will restrict your movement and could cause harsh injuries to your feet and ankles.

Protection for the Neck

If you’re wearing multiple layers on your upper body with a vest and a paintball mask as well, you might forget to protect the neck region. It is essential to make sure that no area is left exposed as a paintball can hit you anywhere. A sharp hit to the lungs can knock the wind out of you and leave you gasping for air. It can also cause severe damage to your trachea.

Wearing a thick turtleneck can prevent that from happening. Remember that it is as important to add layers around your neck as it is to your upper body. You can also take a bandana and wrap that multiple times around your neck. The important thing is to make sure that the neck is not exposed, and it is appropriately cushioned from any blows by paintball bullets.

Pod Packs

Pod packs are harnesses that carry pods that hold extra paintballs. There are two types of pod packs: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal pod packs strap around the waist in a horizontal position. This is a very accessible pack as the pods are easy to reach and put back into place. However, these tend to stick out from the side, increasing visibility, and it can be challenging to lay down and roll quickly. Vertical pod packs are worn vertically along the waist. These are held closer to the body than horizontal packs, but it can be more difficult to put pods back in place. You can make your choice of pad pack based on what strategy you plan to use while playing and whatever you’re more comfortable with. Don’t forget to take a pod pack with you. It doesn’t matter how good a player you are if you don’t have the ammunition to play with.

Pod Belt Pouch

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A pod belt pouch is a smaller alternative to a pod pack. It is a simple belt pouch that can hold between one and three pods. It is easier to carry paintball bullets in a pod pouch as it is more accessible. The pod pouch can also be wrapped around your groin to provide protection. However, it is recommended to use a pod belt pouch if you don’t need to carry a lot of extra paint.

Extra Equipment

These essential items that you must wear or carry with you while paintballing. However, there are certainly other items that you can take with you while paintballing, which might prove to be useful.

Remember to bring a garbage bag to take back your dirty clothes with you and an extra pair of clothes to change into after the game. Bring towels or rags to clean up the old equipment after hits. It will be beneficial to carry a hand towel with you during the game to wipe away the paint on your goggles from the blows.

You can carry a pouch or a fanny pack to carry a hand towel, some cash, keys and other items that you may have to take with you. Keeping them in your pocket is not a good idea as they might get paint on them or fall out during the game.

Carry a small water bottle with you. The game can get long, and it can get hot. Wearing a mask on your face for hours can become uncomfortable and make you sweat. You might get thirsty or feel the need to wash your face due to overheating. Carrying a water bottle with be useful, especially if you’re playing in hot weather.

Another tip for the girls or for people with long hair is to keep your hair ties. Keeping your hair open can cause them to get into your eyes and disrupt the flow of your game. Having your hair open under the paintball mask might also cause overheating and discomfort. Carry a pair of extra hair ties with you as well in case you need them.

Paintball is a competitive and physically intensive game. Going unprepared is the same as losing. If you don’t take the right things to wear paintballing, you will run the risk of physical injury. Playing a good game is almost impossible, without the proper equipment. This is a comprehensive list of all the items you will need and what you should wear while paintballing. Prepare for your paintball game as we have mentioned, and you will no doubt have a fantastic paintball game.


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