When you are a paintball lover, you are always looking out for better gear. If you ask any paintball player an essential thing in the equipment is a paintball mask, guns, and all other accessories, the better and comfortable mask you have the more chances that you can enjoy your game.

The reason behind this website of mine “PaintballTOP” was this little story and from that onwards I haven’t bought a single bad thing. I have ordered a new paintball mask online, and as soon as I received them I was out in the battleground to test them out, but to my grief, they did not live up to even the slightest of pressures of the game. I was depressed that even after spending a reasonable sum of the amount I wasn’t able to obtain the right quality mask and just then it clicked in my mind why not review mask before buying them.

Not a lot of us have the time to go online and read hundreds of reviews and just bought the first best thing that comes in front of our eyes, and that is where we come in.  Here in PaintballTOP, we see it as our responsibility to provide you with the best honest reviews of the thing you love “Paintball Mask.” You leave it up to us, we consider pricing, durability, made, and many other things before we put it on our top list.

We aim to make sure that the consumers get the best for their money and the PaintballTOP be the only stop for them to make their minds. We hope that our reviews provide you with a deep insight into thousands of paintball masks out there and we can provide all the help you want.

Please have a look at our reviews and don’t forget to leave a comment so we can keep learning and growing.


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